Preferred wedding vendors

Over the years of my career as a wedding photographer, I met a lot of wedding professionals. As it is very important building up a good network of colleagues, throughout all niches in the wedding industry, I decided to make a list of my preferred wedding vendors.

On a sidetone: this is a personal list. It was created by my experiences during the past years and based upon a few criteria:

  • I have worked with these wedding professionals for minimum one full-day wedding. Without this it wouldn’t be possible to give my honest opinion.
  • They all gave me a very good feeling of professionalism and dedication towards their clients and the other vendors at the wedding. If I had to choose to work again with them, I wouldn’t hesitate!
  • We always had a very good contact, before, during and after the event, which is super important for building up a good relationship
  • None of the preferred wedding vendors in the list asked me to be on this page, it might be just a nice surprise to them :-)

In the best case, this might be a help for you finding your wedding vendors. As always do have a good conversation with any wedding vendor you are looking at. In the end, they will be working on one of the most important days in your life, so the match has to be perfect!

My preferred wedding vendors: