Find your best wedding venue: part 1

In your wedding planning, the wedding venue is one of the major parts which can really make your day stand out. Not only by the looks, luxury, style or class of the buildings. Also the warmth and love from the staff of the venue.

Since I started out shooting weddings I had the chance to visit a lot of beautiful wedding venues. And believe me, some of them made a real deep impression on me. As written before, this could be the result of number of things:

  • the location of the wedding venue
  • the beauty of the building and its surroundings
  • the top service of the owners/personnel towards the couple and other vendors
  • the ability to adapt to the clients desires
  • the huge value for money aspect
  • etc…

To reach out to all these who succeeded to stay on top of my mind and who treated me nice :-) , I would love to make a few blog posts. As it is important to support quality vendors in the wedding industry.

In this post you can find part one from my all time favourite venues, with a nice review in images and a little explanation why they left this impression on me.

La Bastide de Gordes: wedding venue in Provence

The first venue, which is really unique because of its location and surroundings, is La Bastide de Gordes. Situated in the centre of the adorable village of Gordes, this 5 star luxury venue really has everything to please you. From the amazing view over the valley of Gordes, the beautiful architecture and the top notch service of the staff. Everything just has to be perfect!

La Bastide de Gordes
Bastide de Gordes
Bastide de Gordes
La Bastide de Gordes
wedding venue - Bastide de Gordes
top wedding venue

Chateau de Bouthonvilliers: authentic French wedding location

Something completely different, but also really unique to me, was Château de Bouthonvilliers.

The classic French wedding venue is really unique as it is still owned by the original family who built it ages ago. A few years ago I did Edouard and Alexia’s family session . They are an adorable couple who will help you with their whole heart to make your day unforgettable. The warm welcome atthe château was something I will never forget.

Next to that, the wedding venue really has all its authentic details and styling to conquer your heart. It is situated in the Bouthonvilliers area, which is really quiet and peaceful. No chance on being disturbed on your big day and the view from the château is really amazing: beautiful fields and nature all around. Definitely a place which conquered a piece of my heart.

wedding venue - chateau de bouthonvilliers
Chapel of Chateau de Bouthonvilliers
backyard of chateau de bouthonvilliers
chateau de bouthonvilliers
wedding venue - chateau de bouthonvilliers
intimate wedding at chateau de bouthonvilliers

Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren: château wedding venue Belgium

Heading back to Belgium now, for a truly refined but still authentic wedding venue: Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren. There are lots of opportunities at this location, so it’s not just for wedding related events.

Even with this versatility, I think it is one of our countries venues which offers a beautiful soul in the buildings and their surroundings. Somehow it does make me dream away to the French countryside. That makes the château and its lake have something special to me, as does the beautiful driveway to the venue. From the moment you turn from the main road, you just feel that you’re entering another world.

The beauty, the authentic details, the nature around the venue, the beautiful lake and the peaceful atmosphere make this venue really special. This is one of my countries favourites for sure!

Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren
interieur Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren
Heelijckyt Van Elsmeren - wedding venue
Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren - huwelijksfotograaf

Château de Tourreau: wedding venue South of France

From Belgium we go back to one of the most dream worthy venues in Provence: Château de Tourreau.

This wedding venue brings a perfect mix of French Riviera style and luxury together with some Provence laid-back atmosphere. Fabien, who runs the venue, will do whatever possible to make you feel at home.
And believe me or not, you want have a hard time to feel at home at the château.

The majestic driveway brings you to the front door of the venue which has everything to make your dream day come true. The different suites, the farm and the amazing infinity pool will make you feel at home immediately. All this is located in a gorgeous architecture with an immense attention to detail and refined luxury.

Looking out of the window gives you a view on an amazingly designed garden in which you can build up your biggest dreams!

chateau de tourreau - wedding venue
chapel - wedding venue
wedding venue infinity pool
chateau de tourteau - gardens
wedding venue Provence

Shangri-La Paris: Luxury wedding location Paris

For this part of the venue report, our final destination is Paris. Paris has so many dreamy venues and luxury hotels, which makes it one of the top destinations. One of the wedding venues or which stands out is the Shangri La hotel Paris It becomes very clear immediately with the sign which says “Palace”. Something not all hotels can relate to.

Completely different from the previous venues, Shangri-La stands for high-end luxury and glamour. The moment you enter the lobby, all you can see is refined luxury and glam. Not only the looks of this venue are high-end. Also the service, the rooms and staff are really top-notch. Which is really something a luxury hotel needs to have to stay up at this level.

What makes the Shangri La so unique, next to all the previous details? Well, once you go up to the penthouse balcony, you get one of the most exclusive views over Paris. The Eiffel Tower really in your back yard, something most couples who chose for Paris will adore!

wedding venue Paris
shangri la hotels
shangri la Paris
shangri la
wedding venue shangri la
shangri la Paris