Beautiful Ghanese wedding at Alta Ripa venue

When Geraldine and Eric wrote me the mail for their wedding report, stating that they would absolutely love to have me on their wedding… as photography was one of the most important items on their list, I hardly couldn’t resist to say “yes” to the first meeting.

I was very curious about their story and what drove them to me that much that they would do the efforts they told me to. After sitting down with the duper nice couple, going through their wedding day, my decision was made… I wanted to shoot their wedding.

In fact it was my first all Ghanese wedding ever, so also for me this was a new experience to be… excitement!

It truly was an experience like never before… so much joy, love, warm and open people together. They made an unforgettable and truly gorgeous event out of it!

wedding planning: Adore DC events

venue: Alta Ripa