Chateau Bouffemont; adorable spring wedding editorial

November 4, 2019

When Géraldine from Les Grands Moments asked me to participate in a spring wedding editorial at Chateau Bouffemont in Paris, the answer was clear. This perfectly fitted into my artistic voice to create a beautiful story with a team of amazing wedding professionals

Géraldine explains where she got the idea for this project from: „My inspiration came during the end of Winter. Just when I realized how much I missed the sunlight. I was thirsty about light, thirsty about flowers. I wanted to take on my creative ideas without being afraid to break codes and explore new universes. Do not restrain my inspiration of the moment.“ 

„I imagined a bride with a natural attitude and sincere sensuality. White, it was that amazing need of white that I felt. A touch of gold for the glamour and a soft luminous color palette. And to convey this positive energy I wanted smiles, laughter and joy of life. Something our bride has perfectly interpreted and our photographer, Gert Huygaerts, has magnificently captured.“

It was Floraison who created a stunning floral arrangement at Château Bouffemont in which the bright fresh colours were perfectly represented. These flowers, combined with the opulent table runners are just as fascinating as filigree additions to the stationery of Nice Plume.

Here Nora from Nice Plume used the magic words “Where there is love is light is” in her calligraphy, but there is so much more. It is the feather-light lifestyle, timeless elegance and modernity, by Géraldine Benech from Les Grands Moments.

Good vibes, positive energy, femininity, these are the values which guided my vision. This shoot was a moment of shared creativity of a team of international artists from the wedding industry. We hope, thanks to the great images shot by Gert Huygaerts, to share good vibes and to inspire our dearest brides.“

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