Thank you Gesy and Rosa for taking care of me in Italy!

A few weeks ago, I spent some time in the lovely Italy for the Moda e Arte workshop and decided to stay a few more days, just to enjoy this lovely country!

After looking around for a nice place to stay I bumped into the B&B Camelot between Sea and Vesuvius, in the small, but oh so authentic, village Scafati.

Rosa and her son Gesy did their utmost to make my stay as comfortable as possible… and they succeeded with great distinction! From the moment I got there until the moment I left, I just felt at home and was treated as a part of “la familia”…  it was just perfect!

The B&B also was just as in a dream, stuffed with those awesome and authentic details from ancient Italy and family history, just to make you even feel more at home! Rosa, Gesy….

I would like to thank you very much making me feel so good during the trip…  alla prossima volta!

Scafati-2014-02 Scafati-2014-03 Scafati-2014-04 Scafati-2014-05 Scafati-2014-06 Scafati-2014-07 Scafati-2014-08
Camelot between Sea and Vesuvius Film developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab