Valencia travel report

A few weeks ago, the lady and I went for a few days break to the wonderful Valencia.

This beautiful city at the Mediterranean Sea has more to offer than one could think.

Valencia blue skies
Albufeira natural park

From the ancient city centre with its narrow streets to futuristic modern architecture. From art and culture to sweet sandy beaches and nature parks. From the delicious Valencia cuisine to the most various restaurants and bars you could possibly image.

Valencia city centre
Valencia old town
valencia city
city of Valencia
Old Valencia
spanish tile art
mercado Valencia
modern Valencia
modern architecture valencia
Valencia modern art

All this surrounded by a green belt around town in the form of the Turia Gardens. It is really an oasis of green where locals and tourists come together for a break or a quick run before or after the job.

Turia Gardens Valencia
Turia Gardens
Turia Gardens

One things that also struck me was the fantastic bike infrastructure of Valencia. You can rent bikes all over the place and the cycling paths are so well indicated and maintained. It’s just a pleasure to ride from one side of town to the other!

And of course, I can’t leave out my favourite film lab, which I had to pay a visit, Carmencita Film Lab. I have been working with them for years now and it was truly great to pay them a visit. They took the time to show me how they create those amazing results, what was really great! Thanks again guys for the amazing tour through the lab!

Carmencita film lab
Carmencita film lab
Carmencita film lab
Carmencita film lab
film development by Carmencita
film photography
Carmencita heroes

So if you plan to visit one of Europe’s cities in a nice climate and still don’t know which one? I can only recommend this beautiful Spanish city Valencia!