One on One mentoring


We all can agree that growing personal and professional potentials are one of the most important things throughout your career.  Learning from and being inspired by other professionals has always been a big motivation to me to keep growing.

Giving wedding photographers the opportunity to learn how to grow their vision, craft and business is my way to share the knowledge and vision I built up during the years.

I would like you to ask me anything you ever wanted to know on film photography, finding and caring for your right client, portfolio review, defining your brand, workflow, posing, etc… it is your time now to get the answers you are looking for.

I offer one on one mentoring sessions of 1 or 3 hours and full day sessions.  Full day sessions (8 hours) can also include a couple or model shoot to actually work your way through the actual photography part (couple or model provided by you). Mentoring can be done in person or through Skype, whatever suits you best.

  • 1 hour mentoring:     175 €
  • 3 hour mentoring:    400 €
  • full day mentoring:   750 €

Feel free to reach out through mail or the contact form for more info or available dates.

Looking forward to read all about your questions and hep you grow your business!